a taste of Toulouse

For the first school vacation, I decided to visit Toulouse in the hopes of exploring the regional culinary specialities of the midi-Pyrénées region of southwest France.


market day in Vendôme

I reach out to grab what looks like a fugi apple but could also very well be gala or or McIntosh for all I know. Selecting one from underneath the pile, I run my finger vertically from the stem to the base and back up across the waxy surface. The green skin around the stem slowly […]

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la vie à vendôme: first impressions

I’m not entirely sure where to begin because I am a bit overwhelmed from the past few days, but I suppose that’s to be expected when moving abroad.

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5 reasons I decided to move abroad after graduation

Senior year of college brought with it all sorts of feels, the most prominent of which was an impending sense of doom mixed in with lots and lots of nostalgia. That may sound dramatic, but I loved the person I had become after four years in college. I loved my friends, the activities I was involved in, and […]

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back to blogging and off to France

I think it has been established that I haven’t been the best blogger over the past year or so. I started one taste at a time as a creative outlet to explore my budding culinary interests, but found that things often got in the way of me consistently blogging, or blogging at all for that matter. Life got […]