Three Weeks Later

Because I have officially been in Paris for three weeks, I thought I would share some things I have learned so far:

1. A shower head in France = a hose in America. Also, I guess French people don’t like shower curtains. Needless to say, together, the hose situation and the lack of a shower curtain make for a very wet bathroom. Oops.
2. It’s rude to call someone a quiche. Essentially, you are calling them stupid. Even though the food may be delicious, people don’t like to called it. (Not like I would ever in a million years think of calling someone a quiche, but nonetheless good to know.)
3. I guess it’s not normal for people to run in shorts and t-shirts, which explains the weird looks I got as I went for a much-needed run last week. Instead, people run wearing pants and scarves- I kid you not. The Parisians never sacrifice their scarves.
4. You can only say “Bonjour” (“good day”) until about 6pm. Then, you have to start saying “Bonsoir.” Oops…again.
5. You can buy croissants at gas stations that are better than any croissants you could ever find in the United States.
6. You can buy a bottle of wine for 1.50 Euro. In other words, cheaper than a bottle of water.
7. If you were planning on going food shopping on a Sunday afternoon in Paris, think again. EVERYTHING IS CLOSED. I’m speaking from personal experience here.
8. There’s a 90% chance that it is going to rain every hour of every day. But don’t even think about wearing rain boots- nobody does that.
9. It’s totally possible to eat an entire baguette by yourself


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